Dom teachingAt a recent Hampton University Alumnae Association convention in Los Angeles, Mr. Hoffman, a stellar thespian scholar and educator, spoke about how our youth deserve to witness and experience excellence. He is passionate about being a resource for such via campus performances, as well as by providing lectures and master classes to Drama and English Literature majors. Having performed this piece on both coasts in big cities, small towns, and internationally, Dominic is anxious to “bring it home” to the communities at HBCU’S. 

Dom at teaching gigDominic Hoffman, NAACP “best actor” award winner, best known for his TV role as “Julian” on the 1980’s hit series “A Different World”, is the playwright and star of the one-man show, UNCLE JACQUES’ SYMPHONY. The theme of the story is about the diversity and complexity of humanity and how we, as people, are each unique; yet very much the same. With minimal costume changes, props, etc…Hoffman brilliantly portrays a myriad of colorful characters who touched the life of his father’s brother, a 1950’s African American Chicago jazz drummer, who sacrificed his music career for the safer path of becoming a government bureaucrat. The “music” in the character’s life shifted from actual to metaphorical and the “notes in his symphony” became the impact of those who colored his life. 

Mr. Hoffman is proud to have also performed Uncle Jacques’ Symphony and taught at Cal Poly Pomona. In addition, he was invited to do an acting demonstration and speaking engagement at Pepperdine University in California.

UNCLE JACQUES’ SYMPHONY is a must-do experience if you have an appreciation for the arts, culture…. for life! If you are interested in bringing Dominic Hoffman to your school, please use the contact form below.

Dom after teaching gig w:fans

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